Erin & DAn

Erin and dans day was absolutely epic, to say the least. The perfect embodiment of who they are as people: relaxed, focused on their friends and family, kicking on to a cracker of a party in the evening. More than a few tears shed, more than a few cheeks sore from smiling, the day was one for the books.

A couple of months before the wedding, Erin contacted me to let me know that their original venue was scrapped as recent floods had damaged the foundations, so the celebrations would be held in the park overlooking the ocean. This is the perfect example of everything working out, just as it should - as the backdrop ended up being absolutely glorious. 

Erin’s dad performed a song - including an incredibly well-prepared crowd sing along replete with printed lyrics - instead of a speech, and it was a cracker. Yeah, family photos are good, but how about some shots of your mates belting their hearts out together?